Monday, March 28, 2011

Uluru: a controversial place

by Florent

We only spent one day and half in Uluru area, and even if it was a bit short we really enjoyed it.

We didn't climb it, we was hesitating with all the issues, and finally we didn't take the time to do it. We walked half the way around, and it was really beautiful, the colors, plants, and the high of the rock itself! I don't regret the climb: you don't need to be at the top of everything to discover its beauty. If you choose to do it, please be respectful, as you would be in a religious place.

The other day we made the walk around the Olgas, and it really worths it! The place is really beautiful, it is perfect to enjoy nature. I think this is more exciting than climbing the Rock ;) The walk is a bit long, and sometimes it's hot so bring some water.

I reckon, if you don't climb Uluru and don't go anywhere else, you may be disappointed, especially if you like big attractions and bitumen everywhere. But if you can enjoy the colors changing on the Rock during sunset (it's really impressive), walking with the feeling you almost alone in this park and the few animals you meet (we find a camel herd beside the road), then you will enjoy this experience :)

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