Monday, April 11, 2011

Corrugations - The things they do to you.

by Sue
(Victoria Estate Qld)

 A couple of hints for "first time" visitors to some of our country roads. Corrugations are the invention of a particularly fiendish devil and here are a couple of his favourite tricks.

Aluminium cans will abrade through in just a few miles and leave all your beer sloshing about in the bottom of your fridge if you don't wrap them up.

Sharp knives won't cut butter - supposing you have any left that wasn't spoiled by the beer - once again wrap them.

Screw tops will be undone and the contents of jar and bottle mixed in an unholy cocktail - green tomato pickle and Dettol is one that lingers in my memory. Worthwhile spending a few minutes to put a bit of tape on them and it might save you from a life-long aversion to what had been some of your favourite things.

Anything fastened with bolt and nut is fair game-a dab of nail polish helps or at least gives you a clue to what goes where, if you are cunning and use different colours.

Don't get me wrong, corrugations have their uses; they deter lots of people from visiting my favourite places and keep outback mechanics flat out for a good part of the year!
Happy motoring !!!!!!

Photo by RobertPaulYoung

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