Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spiritual, Magical Uluru

(Reader Submission from Australia)

A few years ago, I went to Uluru. I was on a very low budget, but I went there, thinking the climb was closed a decade or two before. I was surprised by the fact there was a choice.

I'm an earthy person, and I know the aboriginals see all who climb Uluru as disrespecting their culture. As a spiritual journey, I climbed it, but not just for the sake of climbing it. It was a very tough climb. During the climb, it made me feel human and almost like a grain of sand on a beach. Seeing, what I only believed were little stone statues created for some aboriginal activity, I found this curious and amazing.

The views from the climb and at the top, are some of the most amazing I've seen anywhere - Emptiness with tiny little mountains / rocks for over 300km & further - It was so amazing.

Being a very depressive & lonely person a lot of the time, nature helps. I believe in past lives, and at the top, looking out, I could almost feel the spirits. It was the most spiritual feeling & place I've ever been up the top. It felt like home.

When things go wrong, or I'm feeling down, I shut my eyes and go back in time to my happy place and time - the top of Uluru, to how I felt there. A feeling I've never had anywhere else at any other time in my life. It felt like home, like a belonged, like most religious people get from church or a divine miracle or something. I breathed in the fresh, spiritual air at the top for nearly one hour before heading down.

After my experience, I'm so glad I was allowed this amazing spiritual experience & opportunity. I guess it was my version of what the muslims would feel for their Mecca. It really helped me feel the same way for this rock, as the aboriginals feel for it.

For me, experiencing this climb, is one of the key things that made me feel Australia can only ever be my only home. No other country or place can ever compare to up there for me. It was like my spirit was home, like the only place I've ever belonged, just me and her - mother earth of Uluru top.

I believe I've had many past lives - one or many of which from there many generations ago. Sounds weird to most, since they've never felt this at any place or time - but if you do have that feeling of any person or place, you will know.

Sadly most people who climbed it at the same time as me, I overheard & saw many people reach the top look around 30-60seconds, saying - that's nice view, we've reached the top & head down, without a care to the spirits up there - to me that seemed more contemptuous and selfish reason, like not a care for the meaning or spirits of this amazing and spiritual place.
Do I believe Uluru climb should be closed forever? No.

I believe maybe they can limit the climb. I believe that maybe instead of free climb for themselves, those who want to climb can maybe be led up there at certain times of the day only, led by a local (preferably full blood) aboriginal person, at certain points on the way up, and at the top, the aboriginal climb leader/s can talk about uluru, the spiritual and cultural signifcance about uluru and how it is used in their legends and dreamtime.

This way, those who climb can learn and understand by the locals the meaning of this amazing place.

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