Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the way to Alice Springs...

by Nancy
(California )

My mother and I took a bus tour through Australia's Outback in 1980 to experience the various places, see Ayers Rock and the Olgas. There were hardly any people there at the time.

We were given a tour around the base and it was explained to us how important Ayers Rock was and we should treat the area with respect. Which we did. No one ever mentioned climbing Ayers would be disrespectful.

I ventured as far as "Chicken Rock", the first out-cropping before the chain started. As we walked around the base the ranger told us about certain areas that were considered religiously important to the Aborigine.

One thing I remember was that there was a house built near the base, but it seemed everyone lived outside. The ranger explained that the while the house had been for the Aborigines who lived near there, a dog had died in the house and now they couldn't live in it.

At the time there was an airplane that offered a short tour of Ayers and the Olgas. We took advantage of that and the fly-over beauty is one I'll always remember.

Actually I found the Olgas to be much more interesting and even pretty with the vegetation growing around the crevices.

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