Saturday, April 9, 2011

How long do yo have to leave Oz between visits to renew visa?

by Sharon Petherbridge
(Winchester, UK)

You say in your 'About me' section that every 6 months you left Australia and went to Timor, Bali, South Africa and then returned and renewed your visitors visa.

However, how long do you have to be out of Australia in order to return and renew? Is there a minimum amount of time you must be out of the country?

My husband and I live in the UK and are retiring next year. Our long term dream has been to buy a camper van and travel Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and South Africa.

If we left Australia after 6 months travel and went to NZ how soon could we return to Australia and start again with a new visitors visa. How often will the Immigration Service let you do this?

If we could wave a wand we would like to womble the World for about 20 years!
Many thanks for any help you can give. We are struggling to find any help/guidance on the web about what we want to do.
Thanks and best wishes Sharon

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