Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Living Earth

by Lisa

Yes, I really felt that the Earth itself was alive, sitting up there on the Uluru.

Despite having been brought to Uluru by a tourist bus (that was in 1986, and Ayer's Rock was still the official name), I managed to find myself on my own both on the Uluru and among the eucalyptus trees beside the big rock. It was so very quiet, but somehow very alive. It made me convinced that every rock and plant really contains a spirit. Those spirits probably just have fled the busy and polluted areas of the Earth!

Mind you, I also loved the Olgas. They were beautiful, the walks were interesting, and the swim in the waterhole (is it still there?) was divine. But there I did not have any "spiritual" experience.

It might have been different if I hadn't been surrounded by ten people all the time. The red earth and the blue sky of central Australia really caught me in their web, and I can just hope that I will still be able to go back one day. (BTW, I sign this "Lisa", as that's what I was called there. Nobody could pronounce my real name :-). Somehow I preferred Lisa to the other option, Jack...)

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